« I am still alive #22 »
A parasitical magazine edited with Yair Barelli, contributions by Marc Chan and Martin RIP Kippenberger.

åbäke :    Yaïr, we have discussed this workshop and it seemed we agreed to go on a little adventure. what is your definition of an adventure?

Yair :    it’s a starting point, a direction; the attraction of being lost, disoriented. when does an adventure become a suffering… or a bore? and vice versa, when does boredom or suffering transform itself into an adventure?

åbäke :    suffering is almost necessary. all good stories need obstacles. boredom is more difficult. We can perhaps divide two adventures in this workshop: the adventure we will live between us and the adventure we will communicate; the difference between crossing the atlantic ocean on a raft and writing a book to tell people about it.

Yair :    you and I have never proposed this kind of workshop. we are in the dark but we move forward. this week is a trip together which will start and finish at the HEAD college. It could be long or short. it needs to be lived as a group but the field of experimentation is either collective or individual. what we will not do: being in a closed environment, continuing a routine, staying alone. at the end of the week we will present something to the rest of the college: « LE MAGNIFIQUE AVVENTURE »

in Umool Umool 10, a magazine by Na Kim
see it here

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