1. « Valid until 2 November 2014 »

    We talk in Pristina, in this building. Please come.

  2. « Valid Until 29 October 2014 to apply »

    Open call for the
    You’re not My Type workshop at FMC

  3. « Valid until 22 November 2014 »

    Musée de la Danse/CNAP
    Afin d’aborder le champ multi-sensoriel de la nourriture, le Musée de la danse et le Centre national des arts plastiques ouvrent un nouveau cycle de La Permanence dans le sillage de la création de Boris Charmatz, manger. Une exposition avec Alain Buffard, Michel Blazy, La Ribot et Åbäke.
    mardi 14h-18h, mer-sam 14h-19h, fermé dimanche, lundi, 1er et 11 novembre
    tout public, gratuit

  4. « Valid Until it runs out »

    Carnet Libre

    If you are 12 in France and go to school (the law says you must), chances are you will get a “carnet de correspondence”, a document which links the school and your family. Through this document parents know when you have been naughty—often—and when you have progressed—less often. It records your detention hours, the parental excuses, when you’ve been to the doctor etc. The cover colour indicates if you are allowed to leave school for lunch or in the evenings in case of a teacher being absent. This document is closest to the passport, an official document allowing or constraining your freedom of movement. Something which is yours but belongs to the state. This blank version was made when we encountered a class of 12 year old in Bondy close to Paris (close but far). They chose red, we chose to give them the booklet back, a perfect replica without any titles, just blank spaces.

    This is made thanks to the IN SITU residency programme (Sarah Descargues) and La Galerie, Noisy Le Sec (merci Emilie Renard! merci Florence Marqueyrol!)

  5. « Valid Until christmas evening 2020 »

    17 people met in Tallinn in the context of a Summer school initiated by Laura Pappa and Elisabeth Klement. They vaguely promised to meet again for christmas 2020 to reminisce the events, both fictitious and real of what happened in Estonia.
    Read the beginning: Winona Forever
    and listen to what it became.

    A work by David Benski, Emilie Ferrat, Sonya Isupova, Sanne Kat, Victoria Langmann, Olga Makaronskaja, Aaron McLaughlin, Federica Romani, Lena Rossbach, Kaspar Sellin, Juuso Siltanen, Tsukasa aka Jakuzzi Tanimoto, Iida Kaisa Urm, Bryce Wilner, Bohye Woo and åbäke.

  6. Apron Cafe, Naoshima

    Our first ever Tenugui.
    Go visit Apron Cafe, 777, Kagawa-gun, Kagawa, Japan 761-3110



  7. « Design is a state of mind »

    Go see Martino Gampers exhibition at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery.
    Exhibition design in collaboration with Alex Rich.
    and don’t miss Momosanshop at the Serpentine http://momosanshop.wordpress.com/



  8. « Monacopolis »

    Monacopolis Architecture Urbanism and Urbanisation in Monaco, Realisations and Projects 1858 – 2012 NMNM, edited by Nathalie Rosticher Giordano with åbäke and Martino Gamper

    When we met Nathalie Rosticher Giordano, we could hardly believe the herculean project she was in charge of: to reconstruct the architectural history of Monaco, a place without a heritage structure, meaning both a rapid architectural change and without an official place to keep records, documents of the transformations. For years she sourced thousands of document befriending widows of architects and secretive private collectors. The colossal exhibition Monacopolis, juxtaposing the unrealised projects (Paul Maymont, Archigram, Jean Nouvel, Yona Friedman etc.) with the destroyed is now gone and the documents are slowly returning to their archival state. Luckily, this book is now available for those who missed the show. With its 660 pages and nearly 5kg, it is a reference book which is above all else a collection of iconographic sources : 850 color illustrations, most of them never shown before, according to a geographic zoning based on districts. Again, in those pages, the destroyed are juxtaposed to the never built.
    Oh, and there is a text by our friend Momus alongside twelve estimated architecture experts.
    Price: 70€.
    Editor: Nathalie Rosticher Giordano (NMNM) with åbäke and Martino Gamper
    Published by NMNM
    Design: Åbäke with Thomas Bush
    Year: 2014
    Price: £TBC Postage & Package not included
    Pages: 660
    ISBN: 978-2-9547139-0-8 (version française)
    ISBN: 978-2-9547139-0-8 (English version)

  9. « Wu Tang – Killa Beez »

    05/12/13 – 14/12/13
    A show at blip blip blip, East Street Arts, Patrick Studios,
    St. Mary’s Lane, Leeds LS9 7EH

    The premise of the show follows a conceptual logic derived from Wu Tang Clans first record deal. Wu Tang first achieved acclaim with the self produced ‘Protect Ya Neck’. This sparked a bidding war with various record labels. Negotiations were long and resulted from a clause that would allow every member of Wu Tang to record solo albums with other record companies. Wu Tang is a group of solo artists who collaborate, and not a group in which members have side projects.
    -All work within the exhibition is collaborative.
    -All the artists included primarily have a ‘solo’ practice.
    -All artists are listed on posters, press and publications. But artists names are not included next to the titles of their work.
    -The exhibition functions as an album, 12 inch.
    -’Killa Beez’ makes reference to the associated and affiliated members of Wu tang Clan, known collectively as ‘Killa Beez’.
    -’Wu Tang Killa Beez’ is the initial showing of an ongoing project. Further manifestations will operate under the moniker W.U.F.C

    Åbäke, Majed Aslam, Simeon Barclay, Chris Barr, Black Argos, Simon Boase, Bam Brooks, Joseph Buckley, Steve Carrick, Isaac Clarke, Philip Coyne, Matthew Crawley, Tom Esam, Alex Farrar, FOGBEAST, Ryan Gander, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Chris Newlove Horton, Alex Jackson, Perce Jerrom, Sean Kaye, Daisy Kennedy, Joseph Lewis, Francis Lloyd-Jones, Lindsay McMillan, Max Mead, Harry Meadley, Jonathan Monk, John Henry Newton, Hardeep Pandhal, Paul Rooney, Roland Ross, Benjamin Slinger, Iona Smith, David Steans, Matt Welch, Jenny West, Josh Whitaker, Christopher Wool . Produced by Josh Whitaker.

  10. « Pulheim Jam Session »

    A new book with Johanna Billing.
    Published by Glasmoog Books.
    “My glasses were falling off, my pants were twisted up,
    I was sweating, crouching, standing up, sitting down,
    and I was thinking —nothing can stop me now—”
    Keith Jarret, 2006
    soon available here: http://verlag.khm.de

  11. « Valid Until you visit Naoshima, Japan »

    Apron Cafe, a breakfast & lunch place,
    we designed everything from the exterior to the cookies. Go visit.
    777 , Honmura, Naoshima-cho, Kagawa pref. , 761-3110 Japan

  12. « Valid Until 2 February 2014 »

    ‘You Feel Like a Threat, Don’t You?’ 2013, is a project led by Tate Collective Liverpool, who worked with artist Ruth Ewan and design collective Åbäke. It is supported and managed by Abigail Christenson, Curator for Young People, Tate Liverpool, as part of the exhibition Art Turning Left: How Values Changed Making 1789–2013.
    (Page 30 of 32 . Photo’s by Erika Wall, Drawings by Ruth Morrissey)

  13. « Valid until it becomes a coffee shop »

    A new shopfront on Wood Street––E17––with Frontyard Company.
    Get a puncture repair kit on your way to Epping Forest this autumn.

    Station Bicycles
    Arch 1-4 Upper Walthamstow Road,
    E17 3QG

  14. « Artists’ Cocktails by Ryan Gander »

    SOLD OUT (second edition on its way from the printers)
    A compendium of artists’ cocktails with Åbäke, Allora & Calzadilla, Spencer Anthony, Cory Arcangel, Art & Language, Jesse Ash, Mary Aurory, Fiona Banner, David Batchelor, Justin Beal,  Jacqueline Bebb, Vanessa Billy, Pierre Bismuth, Martin Boyce, Pavel Büchler, Dinos Chapman, Steve Claydon, Keren Cytter, Jeremy Deller, Joseph del Pesco, Anthony Discenza, Rose Duvall, Sean Edwards, Vivi Enkyo, Aston Ernest, Winnie Ernest, Abbé Faria, Claire Fontaine, Simon Fujiwara, Michael Fullerton, Martino Gamper, Ryan Gander, Mario Garcia Torres, Tom Gidley, Liam Gillick, Matt Golden, Rodney Graham, Irwin Green, Joseph Grigely, Sigurdur Gudmundsson, Drew Heitzler, Anton Henning, Mark Hix, The Hut Project, Pierre Huyghe, Taka Izumi, Christian Jankowski, Alan Kane, Jacob Kassay, Gabriel Kuri, Tim Lee, Gabriel Lester, Benoît Maire, Raimundas Malašauskas, Kris Martin, Christian Matthiessen, Alan Michael,  Haroon Mirza, Jonathan Monk, Jody Monteith, Sarah Morris, Olivier Mosset,  Shahryar Nashat, John Henry Newton, Carsten Nicolai, Olaf Nicolai, Nishikawa, David Noonan, Roman Ondák, Pratchaya Phinthong, Tobias Rehberger, David Renggli, Amanda Ross-Ho, Eran Schaerf, David Shrigley, Lucy Skaer, Bob and Roberta Smith,  Nedko Solakov, Haim Steinbach, Santo Sterne, Jack Strange, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Mark Titchner, Santo Tolone, Simon Turnbull, Uri Tzaig, Francis Upritchard, Yonatan Vinitsky, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Lawrence Weiner, Terrance E. White, Bedwyr Williams, Jesse Wine, John Wood & Paul Harrison, Cerith Wyn Evans

    “I have something for you, I’ll send it over. You know for four years now I have been trying to propagate shiso and it hasn’t grown. I tried everything: freezing and thawing the seeds, leaving them in the dark for a year, different temperatures and humidity… The seeds Taro sent me in February came up no problem, just in fine soil with a sheet of paper over the pot outside, no special equipment or lights. Crazy. The kitchen garden at home is now being taken over by green shiso plants with huge leaves everywhere. We have a glut, as the English call it. Fearful of it not reseeding and growing next year I’ve been stripping the leaves and producing shiso sugar syrup and shiso-infused vodka. The vodka is unbelievably good! I thought of proposing it to ABSOLUT as a new flavour. We’ll see. Anyway, I have a bottle for you! ”

    Extract from: [Extracts from… ] A conversation between Ryan Gander and Masako Hosoi

    Price: £15.00
    Buy it here http://dentdeleone.co.nz/artists-cocktails/

  15. « valid until the HEAD micronation is recognised by the UN »

    The HEAD is dead, Long live the HEAD (micronation).
    A new nation is born here.

    photo: Dylan Perrenoud/HEAD 2013

  16. « valid until I am Still Alive 25 »

    Three years ago we were in Korea for two days and a half during which we were hardly allowed to step out of a tight schedule between the palace, full scrub and kimchi shops on the way to the airport at 5.30am.
    In 2013 a new work of ours was exhibited in Typojanchi. This was only possible thanks to Na Kim, Min Choi, Na Seung, Na Jhin, Kim Hyunkyung and Kim Hyunjin, none of whom we have physically met.

  17. « valid until 8 Nov 2016 »

    The newest episode in our quest to get Thomas J. “Tommy” Carcetti elected as the President of the United States of America.

    We thank Erik Brandt for supporting the campaign in Minneapolis (the posters on the left and right are by Daniel Kent)

    We thank Etienne Hervy and Delphine Bourit for supporting the campaign in Chaumont (Fr)

    We thank Eric Mangion for supporting the campaign in Nice.

  18. « valid as long as the maXter Program lasts »

    After the Future, curated by Anna Daneri, Ilaria Gianni and Ilaria Bonacossa
    4 — 25 July 2013
    I have to resist simply because I don’t know what will happen after the future and I must defend the consciousness and sensibility towards social solidarity, empathy between human beings, gratuitous activity, freedom, equality and fraternity. For each eventuality, correct? Just because we don’t know what will happen next….
    Franco Berardi “Bifo”

    Genova maXter Program is an innovative temporary school addressed to young International artists. Initiated by the Contemporary Art Museum of Villa Croce, Genova maXter Program focuses on the role of the museum institution in the development of critical thought. The program places its main emphasis on the transversal experimentation within art practices, through a horizontal and open exchange format between emerging artists and artists who have just completed their studies in Italiana and European art schools. During the Genova maXter program, artists will use Villa Croce as their ‘hub’: a meeting point where to develop specific investigations on the idea of what ‘temporary school’ can or should be. The project questions the function of a contemporary art museum and its relation to the artists and the city in which it develops.

    Genova maXter Program 2013 will take place from July 4 to July 25. For the three weeks the 12 participants will relate to two intensive workshops lead by tutors Giorgio Andreotta Calò (4-15 July ) and Åbäke (16-25 July). The working group will also include the curators of the Genova maXter Program, with regular intrusions from external lecturers. Entitled After the Future, this first edition of the Genova maXter Program, moves its bases from Franco Berardi “Bifo’s” (lecture on July 5) statement, which represents the inspirational starting point

    for a common theoretical framework. The idea of crisis, resistance, consciousness of the present and of the potential construction of a future, will be faced through seminars, laboratories, promenades, publications and collective confrontations. Participants: Maxime Bichon, Vincent Céraudo, Gaëlle Choisne, Paul Guian, Gloria Maso, Pierre Michelon, Nuvola Ravera, Iris Rochet-Lanchet, Elisa Strinna, Suite-case, Serena Vestrucci. The partner institutions of the Genova maXter program 2013 are: Accademia Carrara di Belle Arti, Bergamo; Accademia Linguistica di Belle Arti, Genova; Università IUAV, Venice; École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts de Lyon; École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts de ParisCergy; Pavillon Bosio, Monaco; Villa Arson, Nice.


  19. « valid until the Great Magnetic Storm »

    Come on! the water is Warm, (Åbäke 2013)
    performer, invigilator’s uniform, walkie talkie and V&A badge.
While we are sleeping, the treasures of Victoria and Albert are safe.

  20. « Valid until 29 February 2022 »

    A ten year workshop (a week per winter, 2012–22) by åbäke and Yair Barelli.

    February 2012
    “Semaine de tous les possibles” HEAD (Haute Ecole d’Art et de Design de Genève)

    1) åbäke: Yaïr, we have discussed this workshop and it seemed we agreed to go on a little adventure. what is your definition of an adventure?
    Yaïr : it’s a starting point, a direction; the attraction of being lost, disoriented. when does an adventure become a suffering… or a bore? and vice versa, when does boredom or suffering transform itself into an adventure?
    åbäke: suffering is almost necessary. all good stories need obstacles. boredom is more difficult. We can perhaps divide two adventures in this workshop: the adventure we will live between us and the adventure we will communicate; the difference between crossing the atlantic ocean on a raft and writing a book to tell people about it.
    Yaïr : you and I have never proposed this kind of workshop. we are in the dark but we move forward. this week is a trip together which will start and finish at the HEAD college. It could be long or short. it needs to be lived as a group but the field of experimentation is either collective or individual. what we will not do: being in a closed environment, continuing a routine, staying alone. at the end of the week we will present something to the rest of the college: « LE MAGNIFIQUE AVVENTURE »

    2) we request the participants of this workshop to be entirely available for the week, monday we meet during working hours and from Tuesday morning to Friday eveneing we will spend time together including evenings and nights. Please bring seasonal clothing for at least four days, comfortable shoes, your passport, a sleeping bag and money for food for a week. any obect is allowed as long as you carry it yourself. THIS WORKSHOP IS OPEN TO ANY BACHELOR STUDENTS OF ANY DEPARTMENT.

    Thank you
    åbäke & Yaïr Barelli February 2012

    The 2012 participants: Emmanuel Alexiou, Angélie Bais, Yaïr Barelli, Patrick Donaldson, Elodie Gallay, Elizabeth Gayard, Adrien Giacchino, Manon Grivet, Céline Jobard, Maïlys Leung, Amandine Mane, Lucille Mosimann, Ingrid Rousseau, Danija Uzelac and Åbäke

    At the end of the workshop, Na Kim, editor of Umool Umool gave us the opportunity to publish a project about “collaborations” and a version of the week spent in Geneva was made as a parasitical insert to her magazine’s tenth issue. The pages are available here: umool umool 10

    The 2013 participants: åbäke, François Andrea, Yaïr Barelli, Adrien Giacchino, Anne-Catherine Hittinger, Mark Lembo, Manon Portera, Amélie Ramseyer & Fabio Stephanoni
    Watch the film.

  21. « Valid until further notice »

    Animal Estates 9.0 Port of Rotterdam with Fritz Haeg
    A series of touristic road signs for the new land of the Port of Rotterdam. As imperceptible as a speed limit, the struggle in-between the wildlife and the activities of the port — transit, production, energies, etc. — is a constant reshuffle of territories. The seal colonises the island built for the sole purpose of protecting the oil reserves, the duck nests in rabbit holes and the Chinese crab travels in the ballast of the ships.

  22. « Valid until sold out »

    The new Arnold Circus T-shirt is OUT.
    Buy it.

  23. « Valid until the New School »

    School Too reflects our interest in art and design education.
    At the moment, we will make available the brief of some workshops as a tool for experiment. Enjoy and remember that if you don’t learn when teaching, there isn’t much point doing it, let alone documenting it.

    Download the brief for the workshop with Boris Achour at Cergy here

  24. « Cat Rescue »

    cat rescue wood street E17

    Second hand shop saving cats in East London, new shop front by åbäke and Front Yard company (with thanks to Margaret Calvert)

  25. « Penguin Donkey, Toronto 2013 »

    These books were exchanged with all the participants of a 3-day seminar at Art Metropole, Toronto and was constructed at the workshop of the generously suave vsvsvs


  26. « Valid until 24 May 2038 »

    Mark Geffriaud:
    “J’ai proposé aux élèves du lycée Clément Ader de réaliser ensemble une capsule temporelle et de l’enterrer en mai 2013 dans l’enceinte du lycée, avec pour consigne de l’ouvrir dans 25 ans. Le projet offre ainsi aux élèves d’aujourd’hui la possibilité de s’adresser directement à ceux qui prendront leur place demain, et à ces derniers celle de découvrir comment se représentait la génération de leurs parents lorsqu’ils avaient leur âge, et non pas tel qu’ils le leur raconteront avec le recul. La capsule contiendra ainsi les éléments d’une histoire écrite aujourd’hui mais dont la lecture se fera dans 25 ans.  (photos by M. Geffriaud)


  27. « Kulttuurisauna OPEN »

    Hakaniemenranta 17
    FIN-00530 Helsinki, Finland

    Woodpellet-heated saunas open Wednesday through Sunday, from four to eight thirty.
    Separate departments for men and women.
    You may bring your own towel and a swimsuit if you wish to dip in the sea,
    but please do not bring your own food or drinks.
    No reservations, limited access to groups.

    Aikuinen / Adult  15€
    Opiskelija / Student  12€
    Lainapyyhe 4€
    Seitsemän kerran sarjakortti / Seven entry ticket 70€

    Parkkipaikka on Hakaniemen sillan kupeessa /
    Parking next to the Hakaniemi bridge


  28. « Irka Irka »

    New book by Flavia Müller Medeiros
    check it here:

  29. « All The Knives, Any printed story on request Catalogue »

    Monsieur, aimez-vous l’art? asked the man with the hat. On a positive response Robert Filiou would show an exhibition contained in a hat to a stranger. All The Knives, the box, modestly listens to Mr Filiou to reveal stories from a pocket, yours? An exhibition curated by Åbäke with Yair Barelli, Jochen Dehn, Dirk Elst, Aurélien Froment, Vladimir Ivaneanu, Sally O’Reilly, Matt Rogers and Adva Zakai, Z33, Hasselt, Belgium, 18 November 2012 — 16 February 2013. Coproduction of Frans Masereel Centrum & Z33.



    Architecture, Urbanism and Urbanisation in Monaco, realisations and projects – 1858—2012
    Curator : Nathalie Giordano-Rosticher, Curator in Chief NMNM
    Design : Martino Gamper & Åbäke, London (with support by Giovanni Pamio & Thomas Bush)



    Variable Format – published by AND, designed by Åbäke
    with Pierre Pautler – is an experimental sample book
    that considers the materiality of the page, binding, cover,
    spine, and differences in print and graphic reproduction.
    The book has been produced in twelve formats using
    different options of print on demand.

    11” x 14”, pp 64, colour, newsprint, fold bound, printed by Newspaper Club; 11” x 14”, pp 384, softback, colour, white coated paper, wire-o bound, printed by HP Magcloud; 8.25” x 10.75”, pp 384, softback, colour, white coated paper, perfect bound, printed by HP Magcloud, 8” x 10.5”, pp 600, softback, b&w, cream matte paper, perfect bound, printed by Espresso Book Machine; 8” x 10”, pp 240, softback, colour, Proline uncoated paper, perfect bound, printed by Blurb; 8” x 10”, pp 240, hardback with dust jacket, colour, Proline pearl paper, perfect bound, printed by Blurb; 8.5” x 8.5”, pp 88, softback, colour, white text stock, saddle stitch bound, printed by Lulu; 6” x 9”, pp 800, hardback with dust jacket, b&w, cream uncoated paper, perfect bound, printed by Lulu; 5.83” x 8.27”, pp 80, softback, colour, Cyclus paper, saddle stitch bound, printed by AND recycled, 5.5” x 8.5”, pp 740, softback, b&w, premium publisher grade, perfect bound, printed by Lulu; 5” x 8”, pp 440, hardback with image wrap, colour, white uncoated paper, perfect bound, printed by Blurb 3” x 3.5”, pp 100, softback, colour, white coated paper, perfect bound, printed using iPhoto.
    September 23, 2012, 2pm London Art Book Fair
    Whitechapel Gallery, London
    October 19–21, 2012, Paris
    Palais de Tokyo


    «The transdisciplinary studio»
    A book written by Alex Coles, after spending time in our and others studio.
    Booklaunch and discussion Friday 13 July at 1pm


  33. Valable jusqu’à sa traduction

    «Le Dit du dé»
    Un nouveau livre en français seulement sur et à partir de l’exposition de Ryan Gander à la Villa Arson, Nice.
    Un livre qui suit le parcours cocorico de l’artiste anglais.
    Un livre avec une visite fantôme d’Eric Mangion.
    Un livre avec des textes en français de François Piron, Emilie Renard mais aussi des gens que l’on n’associe pas du tout avec Ryan Gander comme Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux et Arnaud Maguet.
    Un livre qui ne montre que des fragments du travail de Roman Ondak.
    Un livre que Ryan n’a pas pu lire.
    Publié par www.lespressesdureel.com

  34. «Valeria Napoleone’s Catalogue of Exquisite Recipes »

    Published by Koening, London.
    Out now.
    Cook, eat, enjoy Art

  35. VALID UNTIL 2014

    « Graphic Design: Now in production »
    Visit this major international touring exhibition who explores how
    graphic design has broadened its reach dramatically over the past decade,
    expanding from a specialized profession to a widely deployed tool.
    Walker Art Center, Minneapolis,
    October 22, 2011–January 22, 2012
    Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Governors Island, New York,
    May 16–September 2, 2012
    Hammer Museum, Los Angeles,
    September 30, 2012–January 6, 2013
    Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, Texas,
    July 19–September 29, 2013
    Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art (SECCA), North Carolina,
    October 24, 2013–February 24, 2014

  36. « Green Roof Shelters »


    Green roof dream team, John Little, Dan Monck, Duncan Kramer & Dusty Gedge, make beautiful, essential products which sometimes have green roofs. Visit them for advice, workshops, bike parking and more:


  37. « GRAPHIC #20 »










    80 rue Julien Lacroix 75020 Paris
    +33 (0)1 83 96 66 43

    A bag is only a bag but did you know revolutions started because of bags?
    Not many people will get one of the bags we designed for castillo/corrales
    and go to the market with them.


  39. VALID UNTIL the next move in 2014

    « Kate McGarry »
    The gallery has moved into a brighter, better space.
    The second show is Francis Upritchard’s.
    Kate has planned to be in this space for three years
    Go there


    « The sign of the vandal »
    is a series of books, dvd, cd and other documents borrowed
    from local libraries and rental shops which are autographed by
    the authors and finally returned to the shelves. We are proud to
    add « Contes Choisis » signed by Dora Garcia, Geneva 2012 to the collection.

    « The Philosophical Disenfranchisement of Art » signed by Arthur C. Danto, 2006
    « Gran Turismo » signed by The Cardigans’ Nina Persson, 2008
    « Learning from Las Vegas » signed by Robert Venturi & Denise Scott Brown, 2009
    « Swiss Graphic Design » signed by Richard Hollis, 2008
    « The Graphic Language of Neville Brody» signed by Neville Brody, 2010
    « Meaning Liam Gillick » signed by Liam Gillick, 2011
    « Works from the Beginning of the Sixties towards the End of the Eighties »
    signed by Lawrence Weiner, 2011
    « Dangerous When Sober » signed by Michael Chapman, 2011
    « My Dinner with Andre » signed by Shawn Wallace and Andre Gregory, 2011
    « Contes Choisis » signed by Dora Garcia, 2012


    « Invisible chairs »
    for Per Hüttner and Elias Arnér’s (In)visible Dialogues.
    Available just after the series of conferences.
    This chair comes with the book or the book comes with the chair. Following the tradition of nailing dissertations and thesis to be publicly viewed and potentially critisised, this chair is only complete with the suggestion of its use as a reading piece of furniture. It is based on Jonas Bohlin’s seminal postmodern classic the Concrete chair from 1981 but glows (in-the-dark) from its own aura of infra-thin when not in use. Ideally, come to one of the four dialogues every Sunday at Konst akademien, Stockholm. More details on www.invisibledialogues.org


    « …avec Excoffon »
    Posters in the centre of Marseille, France.
    Patricipants: Åbäke, Fiona Banner, Martin Firell, Ryan Gander,
    Liam Gillick, Stéphane Le Mercier and Laure Prouvoust.

    IFF’s next project is in part a celebration of the centenary of Roger Excoffon (1910—1983), the Marseille typographer & graphic designer responsible for numerous classic fonts such as Banco, Mistral, Antique Olive, Choc and others. IFF has commissioned a number of artists and designers to create new text posters which relate, utilize or appropriate some aspect of Excoffon’s work. The resulting posters will be displayed around Marseille and also as an exhibition.

    To buy the poster visit


    « Slow Alphabet: r & e »
    in Vorn (Germany) & in Nero (Italy)
    Visit www.vornmagazine.com

    Past issues of Slow Alphabet
    ‘B’ in Sugo #0, Ma Edizioni, p.19, 2003 (IT)
    ‘W’ in Idn: three: volume 10: #3: flight of fancy ii, last page special insert, 2003 (HK)
    ‘C’ in Sugo #1, Ma Edizioni, p.112, 2004 (IT)
    ‘A’ in Ryuko Tsushin #498, p.86, 2004 (JP)
    ‘a’ in IDEA #309, last page of special insert, 2005 (JP)
    ‘R’ in Graphic magazine #7, p.156, 2005 (UK)
    ‘H’ in Lodown #45, p.138, 2005 (DE)
    ‘K’ in Cream, Summer edtition #01, p.12, 2005 (HK)
    ‘L’, in Math #2, p.16, 2005 (UK)
    ‘Ä’ in Tecknaren #2, p.17, 2005 (SE)
    ‘X’ in [kAk), p.21, 2005 (RU)
    ‘E’ in Esquire #19, no 7, p. 80, 2005 (JP)
    ‘Q’ in Composite, 2005 (JP)
    ‘M’ in Grafik #129, p.68, 2005 (UK)
    ‘N’ in Art4d, #116,  p.88, 2005 (HK)
    ‘3’ in Axis #116, p.112, 2005 (JP)
    ‘G’ in Groove #96, p.51, 2005 (DE)
    ‘Pilcrow’ in Metropolis M #6, p.13, 2005 (NL)
    ‘m’ in Muoto, p.39, June 2005 (FI)
    ‘F’ in SP06, August 2006 (NZ)
    ‘ST’ in Cream #05 of the summer edition, 2006 (HK)
    ‘ÿ’ in Periodiek #3, p.6, 2006 (BE)
    ‘9’ in LUX, p.52, September 2007 (PT)
    ‘U’ Ultrabold, p.35, 2007 (UK)
    ‘P’ in Useless #6, p.39, 2007 (UK, USA)
    ‘G’ in Slimvolume Poster Publication, 2006/2007 (UK)
    ‘g’ in Arnolfini bulletin Sept 2008 (UK)
    ‘S’ in Slanted #6 Herbst, s.17, 2008 (DE)
    ‘I’ in Quotation #1, p.18, Autumn 2008 (JP)
    ‘=’ in Concept Store magazine #01, p.51, 2009 (UK)
    ‘O’ in iconographicmagazine, p.12, 2009 (ES)
    ‘j’ in Laser, p.91, 2009 (DE)
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    « Skills Exchange: Urban Transformation and the Politics of Care »
    involves artists working in collaboration with elderly people,
    market traders, care workers and young people to swapp skills
    and develop ideas for social and architectural change. Work will
    be presented at the Sackler Centre of Arts Education at the
    Serpentine Gallery during this winter. Janna Graham is the
    Education Projects Curator

    Åbäke & Markus Miessen, Westmead Care Home
    Barby Asante, Inspire, Southwark
    Marcus Coates, St John’s Hospice, Westminister
    Beatrice Gibson, Camden Homes for Older People
    Tom Hunter, Age Concern, Hackney


    « I am still alive #22 »
    A parasitical magazine edited with Yair Barelli, contributions by Marc Chan and Martin RIP Kippenberger.

    åbäke :    Yaïr, we have discussed this workshop and it seemed we agreed to go on a little adventure. what is your definition of an adventure?

    Yair :    it’s a starting point, a direction; the attraction of being lost, disoriented. when does an adventure become a suffering… or a bore? and vice versa, when does boredom or suffering transform itself into an adventure?

    åbäke :    suffering is almost necessary. all good stories need obstacles. boredom is more difficult. We can perhaps divide two adventures in this workshop: the adventure we will live between us and the adventure we will communicate; the difference between crossing the atlantic ocean on a raft and writing a book to tell people about it.

    Yair :    you and I have never proposed this kind of workshop. we are in the dark but we move forward. this week is a trip together which will start and finish at the HEAD college. It could be long or short. it needs to be lived as a group but the field of experimentation is either collective or individual. what we will not do: being in a closed environment, continuing a routine, staying alone. at the end of the week we will present something to the rest of the college: « LE MAGNIFIQUE AVVENTURE »

    in Umool Umool 10, a magazine by Na Kim
    see it here

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  46. 31 DECEMBER 2015

    « European Cultural Policies 2015 »
    Still relevant for a few more years.
    Download the pdf version of the book here: